Bridport Story cafe

Meeting Time: 
May 20th 7.30 pm~9.30
£8 with £5 for concessions
Club location: 
Bridport arts Centre
South Street Bridport
DT6 3NR Dorset
United Kingdom
Dorset GB

SHONALEIGH CUMBERS returns to the Story Cafe with THE OPAL FOREST, the third tale in the Gem Cycle. Nobody entering the Opal Forest emerges unscathed. The scholar becomes a hero, the wise man is driven mad, the fool becomes a warrior without reason and the innocent are older than they should be. Of all the journey we make it is the ones we fear the most that we gain most from. The key is knowing which forest to get lost in, which mountain to climb, which battle to walk away from.

You can book for Story club via The Bridport Arts centre
on 01308 424204 or via the website:

Future dates for the Story Club in 2016 are: 20 May, 22 July, 23 September, 25 November

CHRISTINE BELL is the initiator and organiser of the Story Cafe (which has been going for over 4 years).
Contact via the Facebook page:


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 The SfS Website ~The place for Story clubs 

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We are at the moment updating information on the story clubs section of the new website.

We have about 90 clubs registered on the site at the moment,

Hopefully your Club is one of them. If not please send your Club information to me at


Its FREE! to Register and All registered clubs will be receiving copies of Storylines for free! Others will get the free copies when they register. Volume 7 issue 2 will be published at the end of February 2017.


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The Story Cafe has been running at Bridport Arts Centre for the past five years. We have had top class storytellers over this time and look forward to many more of the same. The Story Cafe is bi-monthly on a Friday evening from 7.30-9.30pm. Details can be found on the Bridport Arts Centre website at and on our Facebook page