The Gathering

The Gathering Plymouth 5th-7th May 2017

I am writing this with my eyes propped open having stared at the screen for hours and with one spreadsheet after another, copied, pasted, cells formatted and everyone driven mad with incessant emails.  Why?  Because this year The Gathering is coming to Plymouth and with the help of a plethora of storytellers and massive support from Plymouth University, it looks like being a FANTASTIC event – one that no-one will want to miss.

This year Devon and Cornwall get to showcase their storytellers.

This year the phoenix rises on the theme Change and Exploration.

It kicks off with Devon & Cornwall tellers on Friday night followed by the amazing Klezbians, Cornwall’s finest klezmer/gypsy band. 

Taking this theme to heart there are workshops throughout Saturday and Sunday that stretch storytelling  in all different but delicious byways: navigating the digital quagmire, co-telling & collaborations, moving bodies, cultural diversity through storytelling, the music in the words, using textiles in storytelling, performances throughout the day and into the evening and opportunities for ‘drop-in’ telling, loads to learn and much to share.

Performances by familiar and less familiar names: Steph Bradley, Katy Cawkwell, Sue Field & Nina Hills, Moe Keast, Mike O' Connor & Barbara Griggs, Lisa Schneidau, Tamar Eluned Williams, Alan Woollard and tellers from the clubs of Devon & Cornwall as well as the students from the first undergraduate degree course in Contemporary Storytelling & Performance based at the world-famous Eden project in Cornwall. 

Storytelling Workshops led by David Heathfield, Terrie Howey, Sharon Jacksties, Denzil Monk, Mike O'Connor and Barbara Griggs, Lois Taylor, Polly Tisdall to name a few, will open eyes, hearts and bodies to the changing world around us, giving you the chance to explore new ways to tell.

A chance to have your say about the SfS. An opportunity to come and make new contacts and share ideas. Support the Junior Storytelling competition for Devon & Cornwall on the Sunday by showing the youngsters (7+) that we care about storytelling for the future. So much so that we will listen and appreciate how difficult it is to get up on the stage and tell a story to an audience for the first time because we have been through it ourselves and love stories and want to encourage new tellers.

Because we are people who will travel to hear a different teller, to listen to something new, to find out what is going on in the rest of the country.  So, join us at The Gathering at Plymouth University’s iconic Roland Levinsky Building in Plymouth City Centre from May 5th-7th 2017.

Yes, you have to find the cost of travel and accommodation (don’t forget Airbnb as well as Guest Houses, Hotels and caravan sites – all within easy distance of the University) but the biggest yes of all is that for the price of the weekend ticket plus Friday night you get an experience to revel in.  A Gathering to re-ignite the fire beneath the phoenix. We look forward to seeing you in Plymouth in May!

Liz Berg



With all the workshops now organised, all that the workshop leaders need to know next is how many thay have for each workshop, then they can taylor their workshop to you and your needs.  We have a very exciting and diverse range of workshops for you this year and we are hoping that there will be something for some really great story telling performances in the late afternoons and friday and saturday evening.

There will be many excitiing workshops to follow Friday Night and Saturday night Performances.

and of course there will plenty of story medicine, story sharing, discussion as well as that excitement you get when you have just heard the best story ever!!

With so many positive changes in the Sfs you can expect some lively and thrilling things to discuss  ...come and listen, or join in and have your say...

The Booking forms are now on the site Just go to HOME PAGE... Click on The Gathering and a drop down Menu will show You 'Order Tickets'  Early Bird prices till the end of March.