Storytellers Directory

There are many storytellers across the country, but it can be difficult to find the ones who work in your area or work with the size and nature of your particular group. The list below should help you. It is not comprehensive and, as the directory is paid for by the tellers themselves, listing here does not mean the Society endorses any particular teller.

Whilst there is no national set rate for a storyteller, the National Association of Writers in Education recommends a minimum daily rate of £250 per day for authors in schools. Many experienced tellers will charge much more than this, and the rate of pay for storytelling in other sectors, such as healthcare or business, may be much higher.

Folklorist and author, specialising in traditional English tales told in a Celtic style
Nicky is a Storyteller
Paul Jackson ~ A storyteller of Wonder tales and stories of Passion and Hope. Paul is also Childrens Book Illustrator and member of SCBWI and The AOI.
Pennie is a storyteller from London
Storytelling in in schools, libraries, theatres, community centres, places of worship, museums, historic sites, woods or meadows.
Costumed Storyteller, who tells old and new stories
Stories for adults and children of all ages on environmental and historical themes
Traditional and historical stories
Roisen is a storyteller writer and workshop leader who with has been working with all ages for 20 years
Rona is a Storyteller
Ruth is a Member of the Leicester Gold of Storytelling
Sara Co-run's the North London Tradititional Storytelling Circle
Storyteller, Story Maker, Facilitator.
Stories~definitly not just for Children
Simon is a historical storyteller
Warm, engaging and lively performer for both children and adults.
Story Walker, Story Weaver,Teller of Tales, Creator of Modern Day Folk Tales
Storyteller with a real love of and enthusiasm for traditional stories from Lancashire