Storytellers at Buckingham Palace

Storytellers at Buckingham Palace

Janet Dowling writes:  On March 18th, Terrie Howey and I were at Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen as part of the 50th celebration to mark the death of Winston Churchill and the setting up of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.

I had a fellowship in 2006 for storytelling in the care of the dying and bereaved, and Terri had one in 2011 for the development of Young storytellers.

BTW the Queen managed to shake hands with all 300 in about 20 mins!

 Terrie adds: Being one of only a small group of people invited to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen was an amazing honour. Prince Philip took a great interest in where I had been and what I had done on my Winston Churchill Travelling fellowship, and was fascinated by Storytelling. He asked about my work, who benefits, and who I perform and teach to.

 Terrie is better known as Red Phoenix.

Congratulations Janet and Terrie! Sterling ambassadors for Storytelling.