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THE Annual AGM of the Society for Storytelling is being held on the Satuday at Plymouth. May 6th.

The Address: Crosspoint / Roland Levinski Building - Drakes Circus Plymouth PL4 8AA

The Time:2.30

All members can attend.

All 3 trustees on the Board are standing for re~election.

Namely: Christine Willison (Chair)  Paul Jackson (Treasurer & Secretary)  Tony Cooper (Storylines)

Christine Willison is standing down as Chair

Paul Jackson is standing for chair

Accounts for 2016, Treasurers reports for present year, web and Gathering report will all be available on line, will be emailed and posted today.

April 15th 2017 

If you are interested in becoming part of a new team moving forward. You can be Co~opted for short term projects such as Next years Gathering, National Storytelling Week, Fundraising and small action groups developing positive stratagies for the community of storytelling.

Such as working with story clubs, supporting new storytellers, working with those wishing to publish articles, developing links alongside Area Representaives. Or being one yourself. We are looking for people to represent Storytellers, Story clubs and the Community in:

North Wales

South Wales

The Midlands

The Far North.

Also we are looking for two people to act as a link to both the Scottish Storytelling Community and beyond to both Ireland and the international scene.

Also you may have something you want to contribute, don't want to be on the board, you may only have a window of time

but want to be involved ~then please contact me at; and we can talk about the exciting way forward and how you might be involved and how that may also help you as you get to network with others from the local and national community 

Paul Jackson.