Bath Storytelling Circle

Meeting Day: 
3rd Monday
Meeting Time: 
7.30pm for 8.00pm
Club location: 
The Raven
7 Queen Street
United Kingdom

We celebrate and promote the modern practice of an ancient oral tradition, through story, poetry and song - and plenty of drink! Contributions from performers must be from memory or extempore (not read). We regularly host Bath's best bards, balladeers, storytellers, poets, jokers and raconteurs! The Circle has featured on TV (in 2006 and 2010) and is the subject of a chapter entitled 'Voices in the City' in the ground-breaking book 'Storytelling for a Greener World: Environment, Community and Story-Based Learning' (Hawthorn Press, 2014).

Contributors to Bath Storytelling Circle gatherings include professional and amateur performers, and the Circle has nurtured much storytelling and performance poetry talent over the past decade, not to mention providing a platform for singers of traditional and modern ballads. We run an open and inclusive event, with free entry.

We meet at 8.00pm on the third Monday of every month, upstairs at The Raven. If you wish to perform, see the evening's Master of Ceremonies for a slot. If you wish to listen, simply sit back with a drink and enjoy the entertainment and the company. To ensure all contributors get a chance to perform, and listeners have plenty of variety, we ask that items take no more than 10 minutes to perform - and we welcome any type of story, poem or song within this guideline.

We break half way through the evening, with an 'announcements' slot at the end of the first session - so if you want to hear what's really going on in Bath, mainstream and counter-cultural, you may hear it here first!


I've visited occasionally and been lucky enough to tell as well. This is a great club. The particip[ants are so welcoming the venue is very atmospheric and do pies to die for.