Around the Fire Storytelling

Meeting Day: 
2nd Friday
Meeting Time: 
8.00 - 10.00pm
Club location: 
Studio 11,Irish Cultural Centre
3 Black's Road
United Kingdom

Around the Fire Storytelling


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We are at the moment updating information on the story clubs section of the new website.

We have about 90 clubs registered on the site at the moment,

Hopefully your Club is one of them. If not please send your Club information to: Tony Cooper whose contact details are set out at the bottom of this letter.

Its FREE! to Register and All registered clubs will be receiving copies of Storylines for free! Others will get the free copies when they register. Volume 7 issue 2 will be published at the end of February 2017.


Each edition is full of story gold in the form of articles from around the Story scene. This latest edition; Volume 7 issue 1 is packed full of helpful and interesting Articles including the opening gambit on how actors and scriptwriters, dancers and artists are all being described as storytellers these days without actually using the living art form in the way that that we know as the Spoken word. 

There are also features on Sourcing traditional stories…very useful! There’s a study of Iwen Kushka and his unique telling style and among other articles there is one on Storyknowing from the international Centre for Arts and Narrative (ICAN) 

There are book reviews and explorations into what happens when you share stories and and understanding with Eirwen Malin of NIACE Cymru, which is an adult learning charity, working in conjunction with David Ambrose~the Artistic director of Beyond the Border.  

All these articles and stories are full of insight and share a wealth of experience to the reader. So please do register your Club for the website and also ask out how the SfS can help your organisation in other ways.


Tony Cooper - Editor for Storylines




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