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'This Little Pig went to market this little story had none' 5.00~6.00pm sat ..and 9.45~10.45am  Sunday
Dr. Hannah McDowall is both a storyteller and a researcher of 'value chains'. This year she plans to put those two together (with your help) and map out all the steps, inputs, connections and effort needed to get a great storytelling idea into the ears of an appreciative audience. When this research is finished she hopes to produce a 'map' or a 'guide' or whatever you think will be most helpful tool to support storytellers to reach the right audiences. BUT SHE NEEDS YOUR HELP TO GET STARTED, to identify the right questions and to contribute your own experiences of navigating the storytelling journey.
In this discussion Hannah will introduce the research project and how she believes it could serve the storytelling community and market and then give you loads and loads of time to say what you think too. This is a co-creation space.
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If you buy a week end/ day ticket~ALL workshops an performances come with the ticket.

as does a good selection of meals.