Thursday, 9 March 2017 - 10:00am to Sunday, 12 March 2017 - 4:00pm
£35 festival pass
Aberystwyth Art Centre
Penglais Campus Credigion SY 23 3DE
SY23 3DE Aberystwyth
United Kingdom

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Gŵyl Chwedleua Aberystwyth Storytelling Festival

Aberystwyth Storytelling Festival returns with a weekend of tales, films, exhibitions, talks, and music inspired by Y Mabinogi Project 2015; featuring Dreaming the Night Field, with Michael Harvey, Lynne Denman and Stacey Blythe; Cath Little tells Enid and Geraint;
Guto Dafis entertains with the tale of Manawydan; Jez Danks and Dafydd Davies Hughes speak with two tongues; Phil Okwedy and Mikey Price present the Dance of the Stick-Fighting Warriors; Gwilym Morus weaves new cloth from old thread;
Fiona Collins and Sian Parry follow the Dream of Macsen Wledig; Tamar Williams tells The Girl Who Came In From The Sea; Bethan Mascarenhas delves into dark tales from Wales; a special gathering of the Young Storytellers of Wales; Maria Hayes will be drawing live; an exhibition of illustrators’ art inspired by contemporary themes in the old tales; linguistic art and wordplay with Naomi Heath; a free showing of ‘Eldra,’ an evocative film about the North Welsh Gypsies;
a day-long symposium of talks and films blending academia and creativity; two new History Press book launches; and in the unlikely event that it rains old women with sticks, there will be conversation, cake and coffee in the cafe!
Please Note:  Adverse Camber Productions' Dreaming The Night Field on Saturday 11 March is included in the Storytelling Festival pass.  
Please contact the ticket office to get allocated seating 01970 62 32 32.
Canolfan y Celfyddydau Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Mawrth March 9-12, 2017
Tocynnau Tickets, £35. Ffôn Phone 01970 623232http://www.aberystwythartscentre.co.uk/festivals/storytelling-festival-pass 
Medina, 12 Market St, Aberystwyth, SY23 1DL, supported by Llyfrau Ystwyth Books 
6.00pm Book Launch 
Peter Stevenson; Welsh Folk Tales 
Cath Little; Glamorgan Folk Tales; illustrated by Peter Stevenson
To celebrate two new books from the History Press.
Music from Owen Shiers and others
Canolfan y Celfyddydau Aberystwyth Arts Centre, 
Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Cinema; 
10.00am till 4.00pm; Symposium
Edrych yn ôl tuag at yfory. Looking back towards tomorrow.
10,10pm Jacob Whittaker; Blodeuwedd
10.20am Fiona Collins; The Owl Service
10.40am Simon Rodway; The Four Branches of the Mabinogi as 'Celtic Mythology' 
11.00am Tea break 
11.20pm Maria Hayes; Demonstrating the Story
11.40pm Erin Kavanagh; Layers in the Landscape
12.00midday Layers in the Landscape - film
12.20pm Lunch Break
1.10pm Mary-Ann Constantine; Curious Travellers
1.30pm Michael Freeman; Unwrapping the Gelert stories
1.50pm Shan Morgain; Mabinogi Enchantment and Politics
2.10pm Tea break
2.30pm Paula Crutchlow and Michael Harvey; Dreaming the Night Field
2.50pm Gwilym Morus; The Fifth Branch
3.10pm Ceri Owen-Jones; Blodau'r Draen / The Talking Tree (film)
3.40pm Tea and Cake break 
4..00pm till 5.30pm, Film; 'Eldra' (Story of the Welsh Gypsies) 
Thanks to Valley Stream Media. Free event. 
5.30m Dinner break
Oriel 2 (top floor) 
6.00pm Deuair; Elsa Bavies and Ceri Owen-Jones
6.30pm – 6.45pm Naomi Heath
Performance Studio or Oriel 2
6.45pm -7.30pm Peter Stevenson and Ailsa Mair Hughes; Crossing the Boundary 
Performance Studio; 
8.00pm Jez Danks and Dafydd Davies Hughes; Dau Dafod
Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Bar
9.30/10.00pm (approx) Informal story and music session and conversation, 
Open to all
Canolfan y Celfyddydau Aberystwyth Arts Centre
Performance Studio
10.00am Guto Dafis; Manawydan and the Enchantment on the Land of Dyfed
11.30am Bethan Mascarenhas; Of Light and Dark' Two Cultures Collide
12.30pm Lunch Break
Oriel 2
12.45-1.30pm Ailsa Mair Hughes and Sianed Jones
Performance Studio
1.30pm Storiwr Ifanc Cymru /Young Storytellers of Wales; gyda Iris Skipworth 
(Young Storyteller of the Year), Gwenllian Thomas (Young Storyteller of Wales), 
Jacob Williams, Chloe Perrin, Sian Parry. 
3.00pm Phil Okwedy and Mikey Price; Surnames, Stockings & Stickfighting Warriors 
4.30pm Tamar Williams; The Girl Who Came In From The Sea/Y Fenyw Ddaeth i 
Fewn o'r Mor, 
5.30pm Dinner break
Oriel 2 or Performance Studio
6.00pm -6.45pm Three Legg'd Mare 
6.45pm – 7.00pm Naomi Heath
7.30pm Dreaming the Night Field; with Michael Harvey, Lynne Denman and Stacey 
Blythe. Collaboration between Adverse Camber and Aberystwyth Arts Centre. 
Note, the festival pass entitles you to admittance, and individual tickets are available
Performance Studio
9.30/10.00pm (approx) Onwards. Informal story and music session
Aberystwyth Prom (providing it's not raining old women with sticks) 
10.00am – 11am; Storywalk, an amble round Aber with the local storytellers and 
Canolfan y Celfyddydau Aberystwyth Arts Centre 
Performance Studio
12.30pm Cath Little; Enid and Geraint
2.00pm Fiona Collins & Sian Parry;Following the Dream Path; Dream of Macsen 
3.00pm Gwilym Morus; New Cloth from Old Thread
4.00pm The Last Sessions, in the Cafe, Oriel 2 and Performance Studio
All weekend
Maria Hayes will be drawing live all weekend and projecting her work during 
most shows, there will be art performances by Naomi Heath, 
Oriel 2 Gallery (Top floor)
Ionawr January 21 – Mawrth March 17
Arddangosfa Exhibition; Pumed Gainc A Fifth Branch
Lizzie Spikes, Maria Hayes, Michael Roberts, Patricia Moffett, Patti Keane, Peter 
Stevenson, Ruth Jen Evans, Sarah Byfield, Saoirse Morgan, Sian Bowman, 
TeresaDavies, Tereska Shepherd, Valeriane Leblond, Veronika Derkova. 
The Eye (Ground Floor by main entrance)
Ionawr January – Mawrth March
Folklore films of Jacob Whittaker and Peter Stevenson; Plant Rhys Ddwfn; Rhysyn
Tangeulan; The Talking Tree; Remember Tomorrow; You can't go to Annwn but 
you can go to Gŵyr; From Bard to Verse