An evening of Persian Stories and Music

Friday, 11 August 2017 -
7:20pm to 10:00pm
Kohan Hotel, near to the museum of coin and Anthropology
Alley 40, Imam Street
Shared evening

We, as the Traditional Persian Night Art Group have designed a new style of

Persian storytelling. We have combined Persian storytelling (in English) with
live Persian classical music (the Setar playing) to convey the true feelings
of the story (sorrow, happiness, love, etc.) to the listener.

In addition, during the performance, the paintings associated with each part
of the story are played simultaneously with the narration of the story so
that the listener understands the atmosphere of the story more
comprehensively as well as gets acquainted with the Iranian paintings.

Moreover, after the end of each part of the story, short poems related to
each part are also read so that the listener gets familiar and enjoys the
rhythm of Iranian poems.

This story (Khosrow and Shirin) is one of the famous Persian love stories,
written in the 12th century by Nezami. Khosrow and Shirin tells the story of
the love of the Sasanian king Khosrow II for the Armenian princess Shirin.

Please visit the following links to see two short clips of the program:

Shabneshini (Iranian Night Gathering) is one of Iran's longstanding traditions which has left many sweet and memorable memories for Iranians.
Iranian families night gatherings have certain customs that are a symbol of Iranians’ family reunion.
Some of the elements of Shabneshinis are Korsi (a type of low table with a heater underneath it, and blankets thrown over it), natural snacks such as nuts and dried fruits, drinking tea, reading Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh and most importantly storytelling.
At this traditional Persian night, we want to make you familiar with this beautiful tradition and show you some of the customs associated with the Iranian night gathering.

We’d like to read story for you.
We’d like to tell you interesting and funny anecdotes.
We’d like to play Persian Classical Music for you.
We’d like to eat a simple Persian dinner together.
We’d like to be with you one night and together experience being Iranian.

Kohan Hotel, Near to the Museum of Coin and Anthropology, Alley 40, Imam Street, Yazd, Iran Yazd, Iran