Voice Workshop Giles Abbott

Event Type: 
Public Event
Saturday, 17 February 2018 -
6:00pm to 9:00pm
he BookClub, 100-106
Leonards Road,
EC2A 4RH London

and lastly a workshop.....
Saturday 17th Feb
The BookClub,
100-106 Leonards Road,
London EC2A 4RH
tickets £30 


This practical class will teach you amazing techniques used by writers and speakers since Ancient Greece, used by writers like Shakespeare, Pope, Dickens, by speakers such as Churchill, Kennedy, King, Obama, to make their words count. If Trump can claim a demo in support of NHS into is actually a demo against the NHS then clearly words matter. This course will help you power up your composition and put yourself across at your very best, whatever the context.
"Voice Gym" sold out so book now! 
Advance notice! The last workshop in my Artists Residency at the Book Club is a three hour class in practical Storytelling Skills for Grown Ups - teaching techniques to help you make whatever story you're telling really soar. It's not until May 12th but tickets are already selling at https://thebookclub.eventcube.io/events/9531/storytelling-for-grown-ups