Be Part of The Society for Storytelling

Whether you are joining or rejoining our Society, we hope you will gain a number of positives from it, not least the chance to interact with fellow Tellers and enthusiasts but also opportunities to participate on collaborations beyond the initial brief of storytelling.

Also you will have opportunities to become involved in our main projects and events such as The National Gathering. This involvement, whether as a Storyteller or a member only has to be short term. But there are always new opportunities arising. These experiences can help you in your career; give valuable experience when wanting to work with others and at the same time support the SfS in its goal to bring the experience of storytelling to more people, across the age spectrum.

As a Member of the SfS you are part of a charity that is actively promoting and supporting all aspects of oral storytelling from its base in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and through its links with other similar organisations throughout Europe.

It aims to do this by offering:

  • Resources such as it own publications written by leading practitioners and academics, information sheets, a dedicated library, an events listing on the website, etc
  • Networking and mutual development opportunities by organising local get-togethers and an Annual Gathering
  • Advocacy for oral storytelling by lobbying appropriate bodies, representation (e.g. to arts organisations, local authorities, education and health bodies) and through its links to international bodies
  • In addition as a member you will enjoy the following benefits:
  • Four copies per year of Storylines, the Society's magazine, in either electronic or e-format
  • Preferential booking for SfS events, including the Annual SfS Gathering held in April each year
  • Favourable rates for events and publications
  • Member-only areas on the website where you can download Storylines Editions and submit events
  • Members who opt for the Storyteller Subscription can also advertise as a professional Storyteller in the Storytellers Directory.
  • We have a membership level especially for Storytelling Organisations who can maintain their own information on our website (see the Organisations Page).

Renewals for People Who Joined or Renewed After December 2016

Anyone joining or renewing after December 2016 will be on a recurring billing system with WorldPay. This means you will be automatically re-billed annually saving both you and The Society time and effort. Please be sure to keep you details up to date with WorldPay so your renewal goes through smoothly. Rest assured if you decide not to renew the agreement can be cancelled prior to the renewal date either by ourselves or by yourself directly via WorldPay.

Renewals for People Who Joined Before December 2016

Those who joined before the recurring payment system was introduced need to move over to it when their renew is due. Simply use the same process outlined below for new members and we will recognise that the payment has come from an existing member. Going forwards your renewals will be automated as described above and there will be no need to manually renew each year.

How to Join The Society for Storytelling

  1. Decide whether you need to join as a Member or a Storyteller (Storytellers can fill in their Storyteller profile for inclusion on the website)
  2. Check if you are eligible for the concession rate (more info in Concession Rates section below)
  3. Click the appropriate button below to be taken to the secure WorldPay website (opens in a new browser tab) and complete the transaction
  4. Our volunteers will create an account for you on this website using the details you gave WorldPay
  5. You will receive an email to address you gave WorldPay giving you member/Storyteller access to the website within a few days

Concession rates

You are eligible for our concession rates if you are a student or pensioner, have a Health Care Card, Low Income Health Care Card or Medicare Card or are in receipt of Working Tax Credit.