The George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling (GEECS)

About The George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling (GEECS)

GEECS is an academic research centre. 


The Centre aims to bring together cutting edge research about story and using a storytelling methodology with communities and organisations. 


Storytelling research combines aspects of designing narrative interventions (interviews, focus groups, case studies, themed and coded collections) to collect powerful experiential data, action research for raising individual and institutional awareness and practice (workshops, training processes, and targeted story collection/distribution projects), and creative process, production, and performance initiatives.



Important impacts and outputs arise from all three strands, often from combinations of the  three.  We run a number of public events throughout the year including our ongoing performance series ‘Storytellers in Conversation’, regular research seminars and our annual symposium.  We also support the wider storytelling community through our external associates programme, have a growing student body at the Centre and welcome applications for post-graduate research in all areas of storytelling.



The George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling (GEECS) has an experienced staff, a growing number of research students, and a truly international profile working with partners across the globe. 

Core Team

Prof Joseph Sobol, Centre Director
Dr Emily Underwood-Lee, Centre Research Fellow

Centre Directors Emeritus

Prof Hamish Fyfe
Prof Mike Wilson
Karen Lewis

Steering Group

Prof Barry Atkins
Prof Florence Ayisi
Dr Alice Entwistle
Prof Kevin Mills
Dr Marta Minier
Dr Roiyah Saltus

Reducing Industrial Carbon Emissions

William Gold, Project Associate, Reducing Industrial Carbon Emissions

Forty Voice Forty Years

Catrin James, Research Associate, Project Associate, Forty Voices Forty Years

Visiting Prof

Prof Mike Wilson

Visiting Fellows

Dr Steve Killick
Daniel Morden