Becs Elley

Becs is the new Administrator for the Society and has many years of working within the Arts and community sectors. Starting out in Theatre, Becs studied Drama at the University of Glamorgan where she specialised in Theatre in Education and Scriptwriting. Since leaving university she has worked with a number of non-profit arts organisations, supporting the delivery of arts engagement, participation and creative learning.

Becs is passionate about the Arts and has a soft spot for anything story related. She is particularly passionate about working with grass-roots organisations, such as the Society for Storytelling - who shares her passion and values - to support their work, their members and their engagement with their communities.

She lives in South Wales with her hubby and 4 children; loves to write; loves to create; and supports her local arts and community organisations.

Say Hi to Becs on our facebook page or at where she can help you with all your Society queries.