Martin Manasse

Martin is our very busy Area Representative.

Covering south and west, Midlands, Wales , Cumbria, Yorkshire.

He has played many positive roles for the Society. Chair, treasurer and secretary since its inception in 1993 short he has been an amazing supporter...He has also been a member of FEST whos history stretches back to 2008.

2008 Oslo - FEST is conceived
2009 Lausanne - FEST is born.
2010 Reading, England, hosted by me for SfS: further development of FEST as a Company
2011 Toledo.  Statutes agreed.
2012 Alden Biesen, Belgium. FEST now officially an INPO (International not for profit                          organisation) administered at Alden Biesen
2013 Rome
2014 Westerbotten, Sweden - Various venues
2015 Kea Island, Greece
2016 Paris
2017 Ireland
2018 Slovenia
2019 “Three countries, three cities” A recognised international region whose primary cities are          Aachen (Germany), Liege (Belgium) and Maastricht (Netherlands).