Paul Jackson

Paul has been a professional teller since 1993. He joined the Board of the SFS in April 2015 with the desire to help make the society much more accessable and relevent to both Storytellers and all those passionate about the Oral Tradition. His hope is that Storytellers will once more help to create an organisation that is more like a community for Storytellers. A community that will take its passion for this art form, share it and help develop it so it is fit for the future vision of the SfS.

In May 2017, Paul became the Chair of the Society. Alongside him now there is a team of 18 people, most are storytellers, some are simply enthuseasts, but all have a shared goal; to help the Society for Storytelling serve its community, bring a clearer understanding to the wider public of the need of the Oral Tradition and lastly to encourage and support all those who are breathiing life back into the spoken word.