Editorial: 3rd March 2016


Regular readers of Storylines will have noted that this edition is a little late coming out - many thanks for your patience, and I hope that you feel the new issue is ample recompense - we've had to expand the format slightly to make room for everything - and, even so, several features have had to be held over for sheer lack of space.

There's a distinct international focus to this issue, thanks to Richard Hamilton's account of his work with Moroccan storytellers and Muna Imady's work on the storytelling of Syria.

But we are delighted to introduce the work of the Song Collectors Collective - although their primary focus is on song traditions, they have a lot to say of relevance to stories and storytelling. The incredible work of the tradition-bearers and artists they work with, mainly from British and Irish Traveller backgrounds, serves as an inspiring reminder that oral tradition is alive and well closer to home.
As always, please feel free to get in touch with any comments, questions or ideas.

Thanks to everyone who has got in touch so far - if we haven't featured your work yet, we hope to soon.
The next issue is due out in October, so aim fora copy date of September 13. It's been a busy year for storytellingso we hope to feature reports and articles from FEST, the Cornish Mazed Tales project, and - of course - the Society for Storytelling.