Storylines Volume 7 Issue 3 October 2017

Wasps and Whisperers
This magazine is for all of SfS and you, our members, should have a lot more say in what we do, how we do it and how your subscription/membership fee is spent. 

I am on the edge of my office chair (a ‘risk’ according to HASWA1974) reading enthusiastic letters from readers.
To help you refine this august organ I am making a few suggestions as to content. Already I have instigated the following section. There will be a new contribution from Roisin Murrey in this edition….. ‘Passing Strange’
The huge growing heap of anecdotal evidence of the powers of storytelling to transform, heal, illuminate, unshackle, educate and generally change the tellers and the participants. Science, mathematics and other ‘hard edged’ fields require statically proven results but storytelling is an ephemeral art. As tellers we see, hear and sometimes record the significant effects that storytelling can have but we can offer little in the way of ‘hard facts’; how many were effected, what changes did the experience bring about, was the choice of story significant, was the venue or the manner of the telling important?
The following are simply ideas that have floated into my ancient mind; some are practical and obvious while others are ‘left field’, ‘outside the box’ or perhaps ‘plain daft’.

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