Storyteller Directory Entry

Cath Little

She believes in a story’s ability to connect us to one another and to help us develop empathy. Traditional stories express archetypal truths about the human condition.

In addition to her many story telling performances and workshops, Cath has a strong teaching background. Cath has taught English and Drama in secondary schools and 'oracy” and pre-literacy skills in early years settings. She has taught English as a second language, and run parenting classes. She has also designed and run training courses for teachers. Cath is accustomed to working with schools and groups to develop performances matching their needs. Her performances include ideas for follow-up work, and copies of the texts for teachers to use afterwards.

Cath is aware of the therapeutic value of stories and believes that from her stories children learn '…that to be a human being in this world of ours means having to accept difficult challenges, but also encountering wonderful adventures.” (Bruno Bettelheim,The Uses of Enchantment). Mae Cath yn ddysgu Cymraeg. Mae hi’n gallu adro storiau syml a canu caneuon traddodiadol yn cymraeg. Cath is a Welsh learner. She can tell simple stories and sing traditional songs in Welsh.

Home Region: Cardiff