Storyteller Directory Entry

Colin King

Colin, an experienced teacher, has been storytelling for more than 15 years in pre-school, primary and secondary schools as well as in village halls, book shops, museums and at festivals. His material is drawn from traditional tales/legends from around the world, from historical events and original stories.

Born in Ireland, Colin has lived in Scotland, Canada and Jamaica. He has also spent some time with the Maya people of the Yucatan area of Mexico. His experiences in these diverse places have provided a rich background for his own original stories for older children which have a high educational content involving elements of literacy, other languages, dialect, history, geography, drama and culture (maths in one case, science in two). The lively story sessions involve much audience participation making sound effects, movement and other joining-in activities. For work in schools follow-up activities can be suggested where appropriate. Workshops in story composition, storytelling and story writing can also be provided.

Colin also provides entertainment, songs and stories for older audiences and these sessions have been well received by over-50s clubs, women’s institutes, Rotary clubs etc.

Home Region: Warwickshire