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Carl Gough

There are times in your life when fate takes a hand and a path is laid out before you ... and that’s more or less how I came to be a Storyteller.

My repertoire includes stories appropriate for any type of audience and includes Folk tales, Tales of Wales (including the Mabinogion), Myths, Legends, Ghost stories and Wonder Tales. I can deliver multiple short storytelling sessions during a day or entire performance pieces of up to 2 hrs.

I have performed at festivals and worked with schools, communities, third sector organisations, parks, historical venues and environmental charities. I can work with small groups or large, providing for pure pleasure or with a more specific outcome focussed approach.

Bespoke programmes specific to your needs are possible but usually requires at least 4 weeks notice. I'm happy to discuss how a storytelling approach can be used for any event or activity without any obligation, so please feel free to get in touch and let me know what you’re looking for. 

About me:
I like to say Storytelling found me and I’ve been following my storytelling path since 2005. I never cease to be amazed at the subtle power of spoken word stories. Storytelling connects people to each other, conects them to where they are, and connects them to their own history and culture better than anything else I know. Through these connections, people gain a deeper understanding and a more memorable experience that can transform ideas, perceptions, actions and even health and wellbeing! 

More details are on my website

Home Region: Swansea