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A 2nd Gav Cross in the Midlands and Countrywide!

Gav divides his professionl time between Liverpool and Leicester ...

I have been lucky enough to be a storyteller for young people and adults alike for a long time now. Around campfires or in a classroom, stories are a powerful tool that can inspire creativity, thinking and empathy in everyone.

Stories are also a perfect way to kick start your curriculum topic, to deepen and strengthen the writing and learning. Please get in touch to find out more.

I can come to you, PopUp the Immersive space for up to two classes at a time, or close the space for a single class. Time Travel, exploration and imagination. Anything and anywhere is possible.

And I can come to you and tell you a story. Perhaps in your classroom or assembly hall. Perhaps in your 4D Immersive space if you have one.

Some brief examples of stories to be told:

  • Arthurian Legends – Including Gawain & The Green Knight; Merlin and the Dragon…
  • Traditional Tales with a Twist! – Including
    • From the Other Side: Fairytales from a different perspective. Including Daddy Bear on his terrible day, the Giant’s heartbreaking loss of his friend the Golden Goose…;
    • African Bush & Waterhole Tales;
    • Hitopadesha Tales of Sanskritt Fable;
    • Native American stories;
    • Roma Culture Traditional Tales;
    • Theseus & The Minotaur & Greek Myths…
  • Historical Settings –
    • The story of the Great War & the Pals Regiments of WWI
    • From SOS to LOL, how technology saved some of the Titanic passengers;
    • The Forgotten Blitz, one cities story of WW2;
    • The Great Fire of London, form a bucket chain With King Charles himself;
    • ‘Don’t Call me a Pirate…’ Meet 18th Century Tavern Owner and ex-Privateer Edward Roberts. Where did his gold come from? Tales from the ‘Golden Age’ of Piracy…
    • Professor Stumble’s PopUp Adventures!
      • Visit the Stone Age and hear how Stonehenge was built
      • Row across the fjords with a Viking longship, raiding or trading?
      • Hear how the Ancient Mayans grew their incredible civilisation.
      • Travel Out of Orbit and visit the International Space Station and look down on the Earth.





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Gav Cross - PopUp Story Cave

Home Region: Leicester