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Adam Nightingale


Adam trained as an actor at Guildford School of Acting where he was accidently stabbed in the face by future star of children’s television Justin Fletcher. In his time Adam has been a film critic, museum educator, the author of five books on history and the writer and presenter of NG Digital’s The Hood Free Zone. He has irritated Alan Rickman been shouted at by Christopher Lee, sworn at by Bonnie Langford and once appeared as an extra in Spice World the Movie.

 An Adam Nightingale spoken word set might have you keeping company with homicidal 17th Century dwarves, crime fighting mathematicians and Bigfoot. You can also expect unreasonable broadsides against national treasures and mighty men of science as well as appearances from Sinbad, Lee Marvin, Nicolas Cage, Satanists, the City of New Orleans, Greek gods, the Son of God and monsters; lots of monsters. 

Adam Nightingale is also a member of  the progressive jazzeofunkatronic spoken word musical threepiece The Fighting Nightingales.

Home Region: Nottinghamshire