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A Human Storybook - Popping up in Secret Gardens, Bookshops & Libraries

Nikky is a little bit strange...She wants to become a Storybook.


She is a poet and performer who likes exploring unusual ideas and spaces.

Think secret gardens, bookshops, libraries, chocolate boutiques and more!


Nikky is a  storyteller and maker with a strange ambition to become a storybook. 

She takes inspiration from everyday experiences and interactions to inform where she should go next to achieve her transformation.

At present she delivers story experiences in interesting spaces.
Her work is influenced by poetry, hip hop, everyday conversation, children's literature and African Folk Tales. 

Her social enterprise Becoming Storybook also delivers creative workshops, team building activities and promotional experiences for businesses and community organisations. You can often see Nikky speaking about her 'Story So Far' which touches on Personal Development and Career. She is a plenary poet at various social action  and arts events and captures interviews with often unheard voices on her blog. Previous plenary poems created for Under Her Eye at The British Library, Wales International Storytelling Festival and Radical Herbalism Gathering at Hulme Community Garden Centre.
Her work has appeared as part of at NCS The Challenge, Afro Tech Fest, Timber Festival,  The National Portrait Gallery, Goldsmiths University, Forest Of The Imagination National Trust Site Bath,Manchester Metropolitan University Playful Learning Conference and Community Learning Day Z-Arts, Poplar Union, Just So Festival with regular appearances at Hulme Community Garden Centre, Manchester.


Website: Start your adventure
Home Region: Manchester