Find a Storyteller

There are many storytellers across the country, but it can be difficult to find the ones who work in your area or work with the size and nature of your particular group.  The list below should help you.  It is not comprehensive and, as the directory is paid for by the tellers themselves, listing here does not mean the Society endorses any particular teller.

Whilst there is no national set rate for a storyteller, the National Association of Writers in Education recommends a minimum daily rate of £250 per day for authors in schools. Many experienced tellers will charge much more than this, and the rate of pay for storytelling in other sectors, such as healthcare or business, may be much higher.

  • Deb is a warm, engaging, passionate, lively storyteller with deep, green & humorous tendencies
    Submitted by Deb Winter | Last updated on 06/07/2018
  • Debbie is an inspirational storyteller and an internationally successful trainer.
    Submitted by Debbie Guneratne | Last updated on 20/11/2017
  • Deborah is a storyteller from Derbyshire
    Submitted by Deborah Page | Last updated on 14/12/2017
  • Del is one of the Founders of the Society for Storytelling and Creator Of National Storytelling Week
    Submitted by Del Reid | Last updated on 12/01/2017
  • Storyteller telling stories in Weymouth
    Submitted by Derick Legg | Last updated on 17/11/2017
  • Bespoke Performance Storyteller
    Submitted by Diane Olutunmogun | Last updated on 22/12/2017
  • Dominic's compelling and entertaining style has captivated audiences in theatres, festivals and schools across 16 c
    Submitted by Dominic Kelly | Last updated on 15/01/2018
  • My greatest pleasure comes from seeing a hundred children laughing when I tell them stories.
    Submitted by Ed Wicke | Last updated on 08/05/2017
  • Stories Alive
    Submitted by Eden Ballantyne | Last updated on 04/05/2017
  • Eli Anderson
    Submitted by Eli Anderson | Last updated on 13/04/2017